How To Play Android Games On PC

How To Play Android Games On PC

How To Play Android Games On PC, have you ever dreamed of being able to play Android games on a PC/laptop with a big screen? This is not just imagining anymore, you know, because there is already a way to play Android games on a PC or laptop that you can try, Pro!

The trick is to use an Android emulator, or a program that can simulate the Android operating system on a PC/laptop. Pros who are not fluent with computers also don’t have to hesitate, because the process of playing Android games with this emulator is not difficult, really.

How To Play Android Games On PC

How To Play Android Games On PC

Steps How To Play Android Games On PC

Pros with experience with computers may have used emulators to run old-school console games like PlayStation or Super Nintendo. The Android emulator also uses the same basic principle, Pro.

Currently, there are several Android emulators that you can use to play Android games on your computer. Some of the best Android emulators on the market are BlueStacks, LD Player, and Gameloop all of which can be downloaded for free.

BlueStacks and LD Player already support Windows and Mac operating systems. Meanwhile Gameloop can only be used on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

For complete steps to play Android games, you can follow these instructions! The following description of the steps to play Android games on PC will use BlueStacks as an example, but LD Player and Gameloop should use the same principle.

1. Download BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop

First, you can visit the official BlueStacks website via your PC browser to download the latest BlueStacks Android emulator version. Click the green “Download BlueStacks” button on the screen to start the download process.

After the download is complete, then you can proceed to the installation process.

2. Install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop

Open the BlueStacks Android emulator app and click the blue “Install Now” button to start the installation process.

At the beginning, you can also specify the installation folder of this emulator. In the future, both games and Android applications that you install will also be stored in the same folder , so don’t make the wrong choice.

After the installation process is complete, then you can get acquainted with BlueStacks itself. But, before you can play Android games on PC, there are a few things you have to do first, Pro.

3. Login to Your Google Account Via BlueStacks

Since BlueStacks emulates the full Android operating system, this emulator can only operate optimally after you log into your Google account. It’s easy, and BlueStacks will also immediately ask for your email address and password when you first run it.

On the Google Play screen that appears, click the blue “Sign In” button and enter the Google account information you want to use.

When you have completed the sign-in process , then you can fully use BlueStacks. The name is also an Android emulator, the display carried by this emulator is also the same as the usual Android operating system.

4. Go to Google Play Store and Select the Android Game You Want to Play

To start playing Android games on your PC or laptop, the next step is to download your favorite game. Just like on a regular Android phone, you can open the Google Play Store to start looking for the Android game or application you want.

On the BlueStacks main page or home screen , click the Play Store icon present on the screen. As usual, you can directly use the search box to find the game you want.

It should be noted that to run heavyweight gaming applications like PUBG: New State, you will still need qualified specifications. Because the emulation process is quite complicated, running the Android version of the Genshin Impact game on BlueStacks can be heavier than the PC version, you know!

5. Install the Game of Your Choice From Play Store

After you find and download the game you want, the next step is to install the game. On the page of the game you want to play, click the “Install” button in the top right, which in this example is the Among Us game.

Wait until the game installation process is complete.

6. Click the Game Icon That Appears On the Home Screen

After the installation process is complete, the corresponding game icon will appear on the main BlueStacks page. Now, to start playing, you just click on the icon and you can immediately have fun, Pro!

To make your gaming experience even more exciting, BlueStacks also has some pretty cool additional features, you know.

How To Play Android Games On PC? That’s some android game playing on the PC. May it benefit all of you