Review Game Minecraft

Minecraft Game Review

Minecraft Game Review, mobile devices are not only used for browsing the internet but also for playing. The games offered on this mobile device are varied. There are games that were originally made for mobile devices.

There are also games that were adapted from consoles, then turned into games on mobile devices.

There is even the opposite, from mobile device games being developed into console games. Games played on consoles were very popular in the 80s to 90s.

Console devices that are commonly used to play ranging from Nintendo, Play Station to Xbox which began to appear in the early 2000s. Until now, console games still have their own place for game lovers.

Recently, a game called Minecraft has become popular among gamers, both children and adults. Actually, what kind of game is Minecraft?, let’s look at the following Minecraft Game Review

Review Game Minecraft

Review Game Minecraft

What is Minecraft Game?

Minecraft is a game about destroying and placing blocks. At first, players will build buildings for self-protection from creatures that only come out at night. However, as the game continues these players will work together to create beautiful, imaginative things in the form of buildings. There is day and night, heat and rain in Minecraft. Players can build buildings in Minecraft under any circumstances. In this game, players can also go on adventures with friends or just watch the sun rise from the ocean formed from blocks.

Minecraft In-Game Mode

In this game, players will be faced with three worlds. This world will be passed by the player while playing this game.

  • Overworld
  • Nether
  • The End

In addition to the three worlds, there are also three modes in this game.

– Survival

In this mode, players must collect natural resources such as wood and stone that can be found to build blocks. Depending on the difficulty level, monsters can spawn in a dark area within a certain distance radius. This makes the players have to build a shelter at night. There is a health bar and a famine bar to take care of in this game. This health bar can be reduced because players are attacked by monsters, fall, starve. While the hunger bar must be replenished periodically by eating food. If this hunger bar starts to run out, the players will automatically run out of their health bar as well. Health will be filled when the player has filled the hunger bar that is almost full.

– Creative

In Creative mode, players have access to all in-game resources and items in the inventory menu. And in this menu, players can throw and place them instantly. Players are able to fly freely into this game world unaffected by damage and will not be affected by starvation. In this mode, players only focus on building and creating big projects.

– Adventure

This Adventure mode was added in Minecraft version 1.3. It is specially designed so that players can experience user-customized maps and adventures. This mode is similar to Survival Mode but introduces various restrictions for players that can be applied to the game world by the map maker. This allows the player to get the parts they ask for and experience the adventure according to the map maker’s intent.

– Spectator

In Spectator mode it allows players to fly through blocks and watch the game without interacting. In this mode, inventory becomes a menu that allows players to teleport to players in the world. It is also possible to see this game from a different point of view from other players or other creatures.

How to Play Minercraft Game

How to play in this game is very exciting. In this game, there are no specific goals that can be achieved by the players. However, there is an achievement system in the game. You as a player will be placed in a world that has almost no boundaries. The world is divided into biomes ranging from deserts, forests, to snow fields. Players will walk across areas consisting of plains, mountains, forests, caves and various waters. The game also has a day and night cycle, one full cycle lasting 20 minutes in real time.